Rhys Kutschbach

Outreach and Education Coordinator

Rhys Kutschbach grew up in Northwest Ohio near Lake Erie, a watershed that continues to be negatively affected by algae blooms from agricultural runoff. Rhys moved to North Carolina and entered their academic career with a strong interest in the relationship between people and their environment. Rhys graduated from Warren Wilson College in the Winter of 2022 with an undergraduate degree in Global Studies with a concentration in Environment and Society as well as a minor in Environmental Studies. Rhys’s senior capstone focused on the appropriation of Indigenous technology in the context of a neoliberal global economy and climate change, seed sovereignty, and global trade. Rhys now lives in Boise and enjoys any activity that allows them to engage with nature and be outdoors.

Projects Rhys is currently working on include coordinating and hosting various indigenous youth climate camps, implementing an elementary and secondary level climate curriculum, and various tribal youth and community engagement programming.