Robert Austin

Bob Austin has experience working on a great variety of fish and wildlife, and natural resource policy issues. Bob’s career began as a researcher in the Everglades National Park, then for ten years worked with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in their inland and anadromous hatchery programs in various locations in the western US including the Spearfish Fisheries Center in South Dakota, Lahontan hatchery in Nevada and Dworshak hatchery complex in Idaho. The majority of his public service, over 20 years, was at Bonneville Power Administration, with his last role prior to federal retirement as Deputy Director of the Fish and Wildlife Program. Bob currently serves as Fish and Wildlife Program Director at the Upper Snake River Tribes Foundation. Bob’s education experience includes a BS in Biology from King’s College, PA, and a MS in Fishery Biology from Central Michigan University, as well as extensive coursework in Public Administration at Lewis and Clark College, Portland. He is a 2008 graduate of the Pacific Leadership Program and an active participant in the ongoing 2011 Ford Leadership Institute Program in Oregon.